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The last 24 hours have been disastrous for the driver training industry. With no notice, instructors all across the country were told to stop working, leaving many to worry about their businesses, bills and the future.

The instructor council (NIAIC) will be holding a press conference as soon as possible and we want your views on what you think we should be doing going forward as an industry.

NIADIA, along with other associations, have shared the concerns of instructors regarding the lack of notice and this will be address in the joint statement.

The point remains however, what do we want next?

Are we, as a community, trying to get driving instructors reinstated as a close contact, but essential service?

Or are we prepared to take the hit and shut up shop for four weeks, provided there is sufficient financial packages available from the NI Executive.

Your views on this matter are greatly appreciated and we would invite your thoughts and views to where we can put our members thoughts to be included, where possible, in the joint statement from the council.

If you would like to join NIADIA, the only national ADI association in Northern Ireland and have your views and opinions represented with a support network of instructors, our membership fees have been suspended due to COVID-19 and you can join online by clicking here.

For any concerns or queries you may have that you'd like your views represented on, you can fill in our contact form on the bottom of our home page by clicking here.

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