Motorcycle Instructor Insurance - 19th Feb 2021

NIADIA have received some reports from motorcycle instructors around Northern Ireland that certain AMI / Riding schools have been advised that their insurer no longer covers NI.

Considering there are currently not a large amount of insurers that offer motorcycle school insurance in NI, NIADIA have been in touch with several brokers on AMI's behalf.

If you have been impacted by your motorcycle school insurance being cancelled or not being renewed, please contact us at and we can advise further.

If you would like to join NIADIA, the only national ADI association in Northern Ireland and have your views and opinions represented with a support network of instructors, our membership fees have been suspended due to COVID-19 and you can join online by clicking here.

For any concerns or queries you may have that you'd like your views represented on, you can fill in our contact form on the bottom of our home page by clicking here.

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