DVA Meeting Update - 23rd June 2020


NIADIA (Northern Ireland ADI Association) represent instructors from all over Northern Ireland at the NIAIC (Northern Ireland Approved Instructor Council) with the DVA and industry stakeholders.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

DVA risk assessments and advice of the PHA have deemed driving tests as an ‘intolerable risk’. On that basis driving tests continue to be suspended.

Theory Tests

DVA, along with Pearson, have stated that they are working as quickly as possible to resume theory tests. The DVA are investigating the possibility of extensions to theory tests that have expired during lockdown or will expire soon when tests resume.

Driving Tests DVA have no information at present as to when driving tests will resume, due to PPE issues for examiners. DVA will not provide guidance or official advice regarding driving lessons. DVA have reiterated that it is the instructors own risk assessment on their own businesses to determine whether to resume lessons.

Minister meeting A request has been made to the DVA to arrange a meeting with Nichola Mallon, Infrastructure Minister and ADIs. This is to discuss any additional financial packages available for people who may not have been able to avail of the current government support.

ADI Licences DVA confirmed that ADIs who are due to renew their ADI licences during the COVID pandemic may wish to defer their licence renewal until they wish to resume lessons. ADIs can delay their licence renewal for up to 12 months before being asked to retake the qualifying exams.

CBT Certificates DVA have apologised for the delay in issuing CBT certificates to AMIs and advised this was due to the health trust using some of their premises for COVID testing. DVA have confirmed that certificates will be available by early next week (w/c 29/06/20) at the latest. AMIs should email the DVA to arrange collection of CBT books.

Please note: This is briefly what was discussed at the NIAIC meeting. This is NIADIAs own view of answers to the meeting, the official minutes have not been created yet.

NIADIA (Northern Ireland ADI Association) continue to represent instructor views and values and support instructors in local and national areas.

If you are interested in joining us or becoming a representative for you local area, please click here to get in touch.

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